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Cody Clark (After Grace)

Cody Clark was born in Houston, TX in 1989, but has spent the majority of his life in the state of Arkansas.

Today, Cody resides with his wife and 2 children in the city of Mountain Home, AR. Cody values his family above anything else on this earth and loves the time he gets to spend with them.

Mountain Home, AR is also the birth place of Cody’s band, After Grace. The band was formed in 2013 by a few guys who played together on their home church worship team. God is at the forefront of everything the band does, and they view what they do as ministry first.

"God has given each of us the ability to be able to do what we love…and do it for Him. It truly is a blessing" – Cody Clark

The band has toured & performed with several notable CCM artists (TobyMac, 7eventh Time Down, Finding Favour, David Dunn, and more) and signed with Burtonwood Records in early 2018.

You can catch Cody with his Gopherwood G620CE out on the road with After Grace at any of their upcoming tour dates.

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